About The Long Shot Exp.

The Long Shot Exp. takes a modern artisanal approach to designing and making; producing unique, hand-crafted headwear from their Manchester workshop. Inspiration is found in sub-cultural styles and the myriad influences and nuances therein.

The four tenets of the brand are shape, fit, fabric and finish.

The shape is always our starting point, with pattern development and construction ensuring the hat fits as well 'on' your head as it looks 'in' ours. Fabric sourcing is the next step. Light or heavy? Drapey or firm? Solid colour or garment dyed? This is where we get to play, and continue to do so. Then we finish, strongly. Taped seams, bias cut bands for flexibility and stability, extra stitching on stress points. We want our hats to last forever so a little extra work here will add a lot of extra years out there.

All elements, from initial idea to finished product, are meticulously researched and refined resulting in beautiful, considered pieces that are built to last a lifetime. We aim to source all of our fabrics from within the British Isles, for both practical and sustainable reasons. Our current selection features Lancastrian cottons, Scottish waxed goods, warp-knitted fleece from Nottingham and traditional Irish Tweeds. Like many small businesses we are taking the steps to ensure our products are as sustainable as possible, doing as little damage to the earth and people on it. Our Gee hats use production excess of British made cotton jersey, effectively diverting virgin fabric from landfill. These efforts extend to our packaging which is all either recycled, recyclable or compostable.

Each hat is built entirely by one pair of hands, start to finish, just for you.

To find out the story of why we started making hats in the first place, click here.