It's a long shot, but it might just work.

We’ve all had it, that rare item of clothing that fits so perfectly and looks so good, every time you put it on you feel like a Don.

This story begins in a charity shop in Liverpool City centre during the late ‘90s. Not exactly the usual brand origin but this is where it starts, nonetheless. The hero of this tale was found amongst the racks of dead men’s shoes and cagoules : a cheap but perfectly formed bucket hat. With an all-over ‘Marlboro cigarette pack’ print, this ugly duckling’s dimensions were faultless. Alas, our hero’s life, as is so often the case, shone brightly but all too briefly, leaving a hat shaped hole in the life of Long Shot founder Mike Holmes.

Years passed, bereft of the definitive dome and brilliant brim of that ‘Marlboro’ original, despite trying all manner of hats from every brand imaginable. Finally, in early 2014, Holmes drafted the pattern that raised that long lost millinery masterpiece like a phoenix from the flames.

This happy act coincided with sad news, the passing of menswear designer Laurence Bidston, co-founder of Felix Blow and an early inspiration for Holmes. The harsh lesson that life could be over at any moment (Bidston was only 49) spurred Holmes to take the leap into producing and selling his hats. No question, the first bucket hat had to be named Felix and with that The Long Shot Experiment was initiated in 2015.

Since then The Long Shot Exp. has insisted on using only premium fabrics to hand craft the best bespoke hats on the market. Focusing on combining excellent shape and fit with strong construction, Long Shot creates products that will last a lifetime and satisfy even the most discerning of heads.

Meticulously designed and crafted original, modern headwear. Made by hand, one at a time in Manchester, UK.