This one has been in the works for a while now. Originally inspired by some great images of the seminal Japanese film director, Akira Kurosawa. The plan was to create a more 'geometric' bell hat, patterns were drafted and samples made but despite the shape coming together, something just wasn't right. So, the 'Tokyo Zoo Keeper' as it was originally called was put to one side until we got a call from the Good guys over at Good Measure. 

Good Measure, if you don't already know, create the finest heavyweight sweatshirts and T-shirts, all made in the UK to the highest standards. They got in touch to see if we could make use of the excess fabric leftover during production of their garments. Now, a jersey bucket hat? Nobody was sure that would work...but it did. Super soft summer vibes, the jersey was a perfect fit and folds down easily into a pocket without creasing. Everything was coming together but it just needed a little sprinkle of magic to make it right.

So, we opened the folder entitled 'Dope hat wearers wearing dope hats'. A quick scroll through and there it was, the MAGIC! A screenshot from the 'Patta 10 Years: Get Familiar' film showing Patta founder, Guillaume 'Gee' Schmidt, rocking a bucket hat. A few pattern tweaks later and the 'Gee' bell hat was finally complete.

'G' for the Japanese 着, 'G' for Manchester's finest sweatshirts Good Measure, 'G' for Gee Patta, and finally, 'G' for a great hat.

*Update* - Here's a couple of links to podcasts interviewing Guillaume 'Gee' Schmidt, co-founder of Patta and a real inspiration. Enjoy!

Hypebeast Radio - Business of HYPE "Edson Sabajo and Guillame Schmidt Built Patta on Teamwork and Quirkiness"

The Most Podcast episode 41 - Guillaume 'GEE' Schmidt