Over the weekend of the 23 and 24 July 2022 we took part in a new 'Worn Wear' event at Patagonia's Manchester store. The event, 'This Into (T)hat', was the brainchild of Luke and Martina (the store manager and Worn Wear expert respectively). Patagonia's Worn Wear program offers free instore repairs to extend the life of garments, but what to do when the garments are beyond repair? Luke and Martina's ambition was to be able to turn these garments into a new, useful product that the customer could use for many years to come. It was decided that a cap would be ideal due to the ability to cut the small pattern pieces from even the most battered of garments. As Luke has been a Long Shot customer for awhile he got in touch and asked if the we could bring our millinery knowhow to the project. Of course we could!

In the months running up to the event we developed a pattern based on our Éclair silhouette and worked with Martina to make sure the construction was open enough to include details from whatever garments we received. A two week window for donations ran up to the event and over the weekend we created 25 unique caps. The event was documented by Liam Chilton and a selection of his images are shown here.