Long Lost Serge Cap

The Long Lost Project is a love letter from The Long Shot Exp. to Lost Art. Celebrating 20 years of radness from Liverpool's independent skateboard shop. This collaboration draws on Lost Art's beginnings in the Liverpool skate scene of 1999 and the continued friendship of the two brand's founders.

Our Serge cap reimagined for the Long Lost Project. Made by hand using 100%cotton, 300gsm moleskin from Brisbane Moss. 'Crocodile green' body with 'Alligator tongue red' details. A hand-cut, veg-tanned leather strap with embossed Long Shot logo allows for three different sizings.

- 100% cotton, 300gsm moleskin
- Hand cut, veg-tanned leather strap
Taped internal seams

- 100% cotton drill, bias-cut headband
- Lost Art ♡ Long Shot dual branded label

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